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Updated: Apr 10, 2019

What a powerful story. It can be quite perplexing because what would appear to be a time of mourning becomes a time of celebration. The Easter story really begins with passion week where Jesus enters Jerusalem and is celebrated. This is followed by Jesus then being betrayed, falsely accused and sentenced to death.

Not really the makings of a story you would want to celebrate, or even remember. But when you reflect on the different eye witness accounts of this moment in history you can see just how powerful and meaningful this holiday, Easter, really is. Although Friday was filled with death and sorrow we find that Sunday provided life and hope. The eye witnesses that watched the life of Jesus be squeezed out of him on Friday were there to see Jesus full of life raised from the dead on Sunday.

This by the way is impossible. To be dead on Friday and come back to life on Sunday. Unless of course Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus makes this claim that He is God's only son. A statement you might dismiss before the resurrection but now after you've seen the impossible you know Jesus, although fully human, was divine.

What implications does this reality bring? That Jesus declares the same power of God's Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of you and me. The story of Easter is more than believing one day I will see Jesus in heaven. It means that right now I can find life, power in my mortal body to live the life God has for me. I have the power to be an overcomer, to rise again. I have the power to believe in the face of impossibilities and see outcomes that are unexplainable. God's resurrection power was displayed on Easter thousands of years ago and since then we have seen God's power at work even today. Are you ready? Have you opened your heart to see? God is moving.

Chad Wingenbach

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