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God Doesn't Need A Back up Plan!

The writer of Hebrews reminds us that God doesn’t need a cosigner. There is no one higher or greater who can vouch for Him. When God makes a promise, it’s a rock-solid guarantee (Hebrews 6:17, MSG).

The only way to experience what God says is true is to take Him at His Word. If that prospect terrifies you, you’re not alone. God promised to bless Abraham with many descendants. But when years passed, and Abraham still didn’t have kids, the fear of not having an heir got the better of him and Abraham fathered a child with a surrogate (Genesis 16:1-4).

Trusting someone fully and completely doesn’t come naturally. That’s why faith is called faith. God kept His promise to Abraham. He and his wife miraculously conceived. Then their son married and had kids, and many generations later, Jesus came to the world through their family tree.

When trusting God feels crazy, remember: God doesn’t go back on His Word (Numbers 23:19 and 1 Samuel 15:29). He never has, and He never will.


  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you trust God? Now be honest: As you look at your life, are you living like you trust God’s promises?

  • Is there anything you need to start doing or stop doing to take God at His Word?

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